Embark on a Journey through the Jungle: Explore the Secrets of Chocolate and Discover a Hidden Waterfall

Immerse yourself in the heart of nature with our cap/va/ng Jungle Chocolate and Waterfall Tour, a mesmerizing 4-hour adventure that promises to unveil the ancient art of chocolate-making and the stunning beauty of a secluded waterfall. Join us as we venture into the Bribri Talamanca region, where an indigenous community warmly welcomes you to delve into their rich culture and tradi/ons.

Tour Highlights:

A Glimpse into Indigenous Life:

Our expedi/on begins with a warm introduc/on to the Bribri indigenous community. We will be hosted by a local family that opens their home and hearts to share their diverse heritage with us. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of ancient customs and prac/ces that have been preserved for genera/ons.

The Art of CraQing Chocolate:

Under the guidance of our gracious hosts, we will step back in /me to experience the tradi/onal chocolate- making process. Witness the transforma/on of raw cacao beans into the silky, indulgent delight that we all adore. Using age-old techniques, we’ll roast cacao beans over river rocks, infusing the air with an en/cing aroma that sets the stage for the journey ahead.

From Bean to Bliss:

Feel the rhythm of history as we grind roasted cacao beans using tradi/onal tools, aiming to unlock the essence of true chocolate. As the beans yield to our efforts, you’ll have the chance to taste the culmina/on of our labor—a moment of pure bliss that connects you to centuries of chocolate enthusiasts who’ve found happiness in its consump/on.

Nature’s Pharmacy:

Stroll through the family’s lush yard, a living pharmacy of medicinal plants and herbs that have sustained this community for centuries. Our hosts will impart their wisdom about the healing proper/es of various plants, offering insights into the harmony they maintain with the natural world.

Language and Surprises:

Engage in an enchan/ng exchange as the Bribri family teaches us the basics of their na/ve language, providing a unique opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Be prepared for delighhul surprises along the way, as the community shares stories, music, and cultural treasures that enrich the experience.

Supporting Artisan Crafts:

Extend a hand of support by considering the handcraVed souvenirs lovingly created by the Bribri community. These souvenirs not only encapsulate the spirit of the journey but also contribute to the sustainability of this remarkable culture.

The Serenity of the Waterfall:

Concluding our /me with the Bribri community, we’ll embark on a leisurely 40-minute walk to a hidden waterfall. Enveloped by the verdant jungle, the waterfall’s tranquil beauty invites you to unwind and reflect, providing a soothing closure to an enriching adventure.

Join Us:

Unveil the secrets of chocolate’s history and savor the delights of a hidden waterfall by embarking on our Jungle Chocolate and Waterfall Tour. Book your adventure now for an unforgegable explora/on of culture, nature, and the simple pleasures that bring happiness.

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