Embark on a Sensory Journey: Explore Cahuita’s Jungle Hike Tour. 

Indulge your senses in an unparalleled escapade through Cahuita’s National Park. Our Jungle Hike tour beckons to explorers and nature aficionados, offering an intricate tapestry of sights, sounds, and scents that define the heart of the rainforest. Traverse the vibrant trails and serene shores, all while making a meaningful contribution to the conservation of this ecological gem. 

Tour Highlights: Duration: 4 hours approx. 

Guided Exploration: Immerse yourself in the symphony of nature as you spend 2 hours with our adept naturalists. Listen to the rustling leaves, the distant calls of exotic birds, and the intriguing sounds of the rainforest coming to life. 

Beach Respite: Following your jungle sojourn, savor 2 additional hours on an untouched beach. Feel the warm sand underfoot, the refreshing sea breeze, and the rhythmic lullaby of the waves. 

Tour Itinerary:
Wildlife Symphony
(2 hours): Traverse the verdant trails led by our knowledgeable guides. Inhale the earthy aroma of moss-covered trees, listen to the chorus of cicadas, and catch glimpses of elusive creatures amidst the foliage.
Beach Bliss or Town Tale (2 hours): Allow the sun-kissed beach to captivate your senses, or choose to explore the town’s stories at your own pace. Delight in a culinary journey or a leisurely stroll through the charming streets. 


  • Expert naturalist guide 
  • Opportunity for a voluntary donation at the park
    entry (not included in tour payment)
  • Freedom to choose between beach relaxation
    and town exploration

Experience Through Testimonials: 

“An unforgetable adventure that engaged all my senses! The jungle’s scent, the melodic calls of the wildlife – it’s a sensory feast!” – Sarah W. 

“Nature’s embrace was tangible – the forest’s whispers, the waves’ embrace. A harmonious escape from the ordinary.”* – Michael L. 

Requirements and Booking: 

  • Minimum Group Size: Perfect for pairs (2
  • Donation: Please note that the park entry
    involves a voluntary donation, separate from the tour cost. Your generosity directly supports the preservation of Cahuita’s natural treasures.
  • Booking: To secure your spot, kindly reach out to us via phone or email. We recommend booking ahead to ensure availability on your preferred date.
  • Adults: Full price per person
  • Children (under 12): 20% discount per person
  • Groups: Exclusive rates for groups over 20

Elevate your exploration from mundane to magical – join the Jungle Hike tour and let your senses be your guide. As you tread through the forest’s whispers and the beach’s serenity, you’ll leave with lasting memories and a renewed connection to nature. Secure your spot today for an adventure that promises more than the eye can see and the ear can hear. 

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